DISCLAIMER: This website, grundycountyhealth.net is not affiliated with nor managed by the Grundy County Health Department in any way whatsoever. No where on our site do we claim to be, or to represent the Grundy County Health Department.


Q: Why do you use the website name "grundycountyhealth.net"?
A: We use it because it was not being used by anyone else, and as such, was for sale in the public domain to whomever purchased it first. We are that purchaser. Other organizations have purchased the .com and .org extensions of the same site.

Q: Why are you hosting this site?
A: We are hosting this site to increase public awareness regarding information that is intentionally being suppressed by the mainstream media, social media giants and a large portion of the healthcare industry in general.

Q: How can I help spread the word?
A: Easy. Just share this site with anyone and everyone via text message, email or word of mouth.

Q: How do I find out more?
A: As you click on the various links on the site, you will be taken to other sites that contain a massive amount of information. Many of the sights have important links within the articles. Just about anything that is underlined is a link to important information that you need to be a well informed citizen. The left, the socialist communist Democratic party, Big Tech and the global elites count on you being uninformed and easy to manipulate and control. Don't be a sheep; BE INFORMED.