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For legal help in fighting against mandatory vaccinations in the workplace or at school, click HERE and HERE. If your employer issues a vaccine mandate, DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB; Click HERE to see what you can do.

Regulatory approval of the Pfizer "vaccine" by the FDA doesn't mean squat. The FDA is just another 3-letter agency that has been corrupted. The FDA has in the past approved many other drugs that have since been recalled due to adverse reactions. Click HERE to see a list of 35 FDA approved drugs that have since been pulled from the market. And we are supposed to trust them on the new Covid "vaccines" ??? They have outdone themselves in how short of a time frame they issued the approval. Click HERE for more information about this farce of an approval.


If you are considering getting vaccinated for Covid-19, please take some time to read the following links:

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Click HERE for important information about spike proteins
The vaccines being marketed today are NOT ordinary vaccines that contain dead or weakened virus. These vaccines reprogram your DNA in ways that have not yet been fully evaluated.

About the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and local health departments: Did you know that the CDC is NOT a government entity, and in fact owns patents on many vaccines and makes money from them? As far as local health departments go, these are your local examples of un-elected officials unilaterally making medical choices for entire counties and towns. In many cases, the people and the city councils of a community have overwhelmingly said "No" to mask mandates, only to have a local health department step in and issue the mandate anyway (these mandates were almost universally unenforceable and largely ignored). I mean, on one level I get it: an alleged pandemic is underway (in the case of COVID, it actually never was) so that means its "go time" for local health departments. Time to shine! Time to bask in the glory and splendor of being on the front lines of saving the citizens! So by all means, lets become a mouthpiece for the communist Chinese and the democrats; it doesn't matter as long as they get to stoke their egos by acting important.

If you are an employee, or a student and your employer or school is trying to force you to get the vaccine, click HERE for more information.

Direct links to forms your employer should fill out if they are pushing the vaccine on you against your will:
Students click HERE
     Backup Link: Click HERE (Opens as PDF)
Employees click HERE  Backup Link: Click HERE (Opens as PDF)

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